Friday, July 17, 2015

Mending Broken Familes

In today's society we are seeing increasing numbers of broken families. These could be because of a death in the family and divorce. It is a beautiful thing when two broken families are able to come together and help one another. These families are sometimes referred to as step families, blended families, remarried families, and reconstituted families. These families are able to have a second shot at life and can begin to build up all that was previously torn down. It is an incredible process that presents it's own challenges at times. Both the children and parents have specific challenges to overcome. Some of these would be the children's acceptance of the new parent, each member of the family accepting their roles, and discipline. Some suggestions that help are that the birth parent does all the heavy discipline. This helps the children to better accept the new parent without getting any real blemishes on their relationship. It is also good for the step parent to be like a terrific aunt or uncle.

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