Thursday, July 16, 2015

Marriage, The Struggle is Real!

There are many different struggles that are associated with marriage. I would like to discuss some of the struggles that aren't often thought about by a young engaged couple. Many struggles arise in the first month. These couples must learn how to how to negotiate house work, cope with different standards of cleanliness, get used to the constant companionship of your spouse, manage
conflict, $haring, and how each of you spend your recreational time. Some other struggles only surface after being married an extended amount of time. Some of these would be whose house you spend holidays at, establishing rules of communication, and how to avoid judgement.

All of these could be debilitating for marriages depending on the severity of each spouses reactions. I feel that one of the most important factors that can help save any marriage is communication. If a couple could truly communicate effectively, they would be effect in a walks of life. They would be able to become a closer couple with a strong bond.  

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