Thursday, July 16, 2015

When it Comes Crashing Down

What event will change the very dynamic of your family? The death of a loved one, a severe car accident, or maybe a ugly divorce? These events can be detrimental to the structure of the of a family. Between the combination of the actual event, resources and application, and cognitions, we gain the total experience of the family crisis event. There are many effective and ineffective coping methods. A list of ineffective coping mechanisms is denial, avoidance, scapegoating, and substance abuse. It is very important that we avoid falling into and getting caught in any of these. It is tough to suggest any effective coping mechanism because it varies so much per every person. There are a few different methods that can make a difference. They are to take responsibility, affirm your own and your family's worth, balance self-concern with other-concern, and to learn the art of reframing. These methods will effectively allow you or any other who is struggling to better cope with the stresses of a family crisis.

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