Friday, July 17, 2015

What Are You Really Saying?

Communication is essential for any relationship to work! The foundation of any successful marriage and family would be proper communication. Some might argue that they always make sure not to say mean words. Well sometimes that isn't enough. Only 14% of the communication we convey is relayed through words. The rest of what we communicate is interpreted via tone and nonverbal cues. 35% of the communication we receive is by way of tone and the remaining 51% is by our nonverbal signals. Knowing this makes me take a double look at what message I am really sending to those that I am communicating to those that I interact with. What are you saying? In what tone do you say, "I am not angry"? What nonverbal cues are you sending? It is very important for us to be aware of these and make sure to act appropriately.

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